Heartfelt thanks to Cat who attended my Tribunal in Liverpool with me this afternoon. A friendly and calming presence while we were waiting to go into the room. After about 45 minutes of questioning the Tribunal were finished, they indicated they’d let me know in 10-15 minutes. Cat again very calming, I was worried! Called back in but by that time I was so knackered just Cat and my husband went in to get the result. WE WON! I still can’t believe it! From standard level for both Daily Living and Moving Around to top rate for both! I think the few questions Cat asked me at the end were probably critical – I’d told Assessor that one of my hobbies was gardening. With Cat’s help I was able to clarify that my role in gardening was planning, and it was my husband who was the one who did the planting, to my instructions from my comfy chair. Can’t remember the other questions now – totally tired out!
M LiverpoolClient
Cat came today to attend my PIP appointment. She was very supportive and informative, and I feel the appointment went very well. She took notes while I spoke, and she and the assessor both seemed very knowledgeable and receptive. She reminded me that I didn’t have to do the exercises if it would make me feel worse, so I didn’t. I wasn’t having one of my worst days, but I certainly wasn’t up to doing very much. Cat even helped when I got emotional comparing my life before getting ill with my life afterwards. Thank you so much!
A ManchesterClient
Just had Cat support me at my home assessment. Yes it might cost you. By god it’s worth every penny she’s was fantastic in every way. What a lovely lady. Travelled hundreds of miles to help me. I couldn’t have done it without you Cat.
G North EastClient
The excellent legal advice and submission you prepared took so much stress off me and the fact that you answered my numerous questions and queries with such good humour made me feel like I had friend as well as an advocate. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
M LondonClient
Just wanted to thank you for today, you were amazing. I’m pretty sure there is a god and angels come into our lives now and again at times of need. I think you are an angel. That tribunal today was me being tested again and you were fantastic, at every trip up they sent you answered back. You were like a qc when you argued things I didn’t even know what the meaning was.

Thanks a million Cat and as soon as I hear the result ill let you know.

D MargateClient