Mandatory Reconsideration Drafting

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We aim to make this process as relaxed, easy and pressure free for you as possible. All our Reconsiderations are drafted by one of our Legally Qualified Advocates.

Your advocate will call you by telephone or using Microsoft Teams, at the appointment time, to introduce themselves and explain what to expect over the coming weeks.  They will also send over some documents, by email, that you must complete, to allow us to act for you.

Once we receive all of the documentation relating to your claim, it is processed and logged by our admin team. Your Legal Advocate will then review your evidence, research applicable case law and utilise the DWP’s own PIP Assessment Guide to discredit the Assessors justifications for the decision whilst drafting the documentation.



1)     A copy of either:

a)ESA85 / ESA85a

b)UC85  / UC85a

c)PA4   /   PA3

These are reasonably long documents that the DWP hold when your case has been assessed.  Usually, around 30 pages each in length.  You will need to call the DWP to request this and they will send it to you via post.

2)          Copy of your Application Form or Review Form

3)          Copy of the Decision Notice

4)          MEDICAL EVIDENCE – we cannot stress the importance of supporting your claim with relevant medical evidence. We can supply you with a document to send to your GP to request your medical history if you need this.

5)          Any other documentation relating to your claim or previous awards.

Please note, you can send these documents to us by email, in PDF format after booking this service.  Instructions of how to obtain these and how to send them to us, will follow on booking.

At this stage, we DO NOT recommend that you tell the DWP that you wish to submit a mandatory reconsideration. This is because they will then set a time limit for you to submit your arguments and evidence.  By law, you have 13 months from the date of the decision, to submit the Reconsideration to the DWP.

We aim to have this complete within 6 weeks of receiving your paperwork in its entirety. If you have started this process with the DWP then you must call them to ask for more time to supply them with evidence.

It is important to make you aware that technically the DWP can reduce an award at the Mandatory reconsideration stage – however, this is extremely unusual and not something we have seen happen.

As a registered social enterprise we simply cover our costs and do not charge the hundreds of pounds that a High Street Law Firm may bill for this service. Most of our Reconsiderations are successful.  However, if yours is not, then you will need to Appeal to a Tribunal – which we can also help with. If this is the case then we will ‘share the burden’ with you and offer £100 discount from our Tribunal Representation fees- as a continuing client.

General advice is always free via email or Facebook but please be aware there can be a short wait for this at peak times.

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