Assessment Advocacy – Provisional Booking

£145.00 +VAT

(Price Shown is +VAT)




Please select the closest date and time of your assessment.

Please note, we need at least 2 working days notice to facilitate this service. If your assessment is sooner, then please email [email protected] before booking.

If your assessment is by way of a phone or video call then we can facilitate a conference call with one of our experienced Advocates.  We would take full notes & support with the answers where necessary.

You will need to call your assessment provider to put this in place once we allocate an Advocate to you.

Our Advocates are highly trained and have attended thousands of successful assessments.

Please note, the fee covers reviewing your form and evidence in advance of the appointment, two phone calls with your Advocate in advance of the appointment and full preparation of what to expect, the three-way conference call with the assessor or attendance, in-depth note-taking and debrief after the event. Then, if you obtain a copy of the assessment report from the DWP, we will calculate the points that the assessor has recommended that you are awarded. We are not able to answer all of the questions for you as the assessment provider will not allow this.

If your assessment is face to face then please confirm the time, date and location of the appointment to [email protected] and we can calculate our fee and advise further. These must be calculated once you have these details, on a case by case basis as travel costs, over which we have no control, can vary significantly.

Please note, by booking an appointment you have consented to agree to our privacy policy, which can be found at

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