Remember, by law you have 13 months to submit an MR for PIP, ESA or UC and 10 months for an ADP redetermination- not the one month that the DWP tell you. To maximise the time, you have available – please do not tell the DWP that you want to submit an MR, until the documentation is ready.


Initially, you will have an onboarding appointment by telephone or teams call, with one of the Senior Legal Team. This appointment will be to explain the process to you so that you know what to expect and what we need from you.  You do not need to have all your documents to hand for this appointment. Please note, this will be the only call that you receive in relation to this service, we will correspond with you by email moving forward.

We find that the best way to secure a successful outcome is for claimants to obtain their recent medical history. Therefore, we will send a document to you, which will enable you to access these for free.

You will be emailed a link to a secure folder, where you can quickly and easily upload the documents relating to your case. These will be processed and logged by our admin team and once we have everything that we need, your case will be reviewed by a senior member of the team and then allocated to one of our Legal Advocates.

They will review your file and then be in touch by email, to introduce themselves to you by and ask any questions that they may have. It may also be possible that they identify where additional evidence may be helpful to your case at this or a future juncture.

When drafting, your Advocate will spend time researching precedents set by case law, legislation and they will utilise the DWP & SSS’s own Assessment Guide to discredit the Assessor’s justifications for the decision.  We find that most of our MR’s run from 15-90 pages in length – however, bear in mind that each document is unique and tailored for you, so this can vary from case to case.

Drafting takes around 6 weeks from the date that we receive all your documentation (please note this often differs significantly from the date of the appointment).

Once the first draft is complete, the content is supervised by one of our Senior Lawyers and you will be emailed to advise that you can access a copy, to approve, via the folder link.  We ask that you respond to confirm that you are happy with the content and that it’s a true reflection of your circumstances and limitations or, send a list of alterations that are required (if any) by email.  Your Advocate will make any amends or adjustments that are necessary and then the final draft will be available, along with the evidence that we suggest is best to send for you to print and post.


Please Note: It is important to make you aware that technically, the DWP / SSS can reduce an award at the Mandatory reconsideration stage – however, this is extremely rare and not something we have seen happen in any of our cases.