Please note: Claimants are allowed 13 months from the date of the PIP, ESA or UC mandatory reconsideration or 12 months from the date of the redetermination notice for ADP to submit their appeal, not he one month that they tell you.

Your appeal will always be overseen by one of our Legally Qualified Advocates – all of whom have a minimum of an LL. B Law Degree (Qualifying Law Degree) – this includes representing you via telephone or video link at the hearing. You have the option of asking for a face-to-face, telephone or video hearing.  It is also possible to ask for the decision to be made on the papers, without you attending – however, we strongly advise against this as these types of hearings are rarely successful.


Initially, you will have an onboarding appointment by telephone or teams call, with one of the Senior Legal Team. This appointment will be to explain the process to you so that you know what to expect and what we need from you.  You do not need to have all your documents to hand for this appointment. Please note, this will be the only call that you receive in relation to this service until we receive notice of a hearing date. We will correspond with you by email moving forward.

After this and if you have not already done so, we will complete the appeal form (SSCS1/ process appeal form) and submit this to the court on your behalf.  The Tribunal then lodge your appeal with the DWP/ SSS (the respondent) and they must compose with their lengthy, legal arguments which will include reference to case law and the legislation. We often find at this stage in appeals where we are representing, they will call the claimant to make an offer of an award.


However, should this not happen, whilst we were awaiting these arguments, we will help you to gather evidence to support our view.  You will be sent a form to provide to your GP so that you can obtain a copy of your medical history at no charge to yourself. We will also contact the DWP/ SSS directly to obtain evidence relating to any other benefits that you are or have been in receipt of (if any).


When the legal arguments and other documents that make up ‘the bundle’ are provided to us by the respondent, we will be able to start working on a written legal submission. This will include any relevant and up-to-date case law and legislation to counter their view. We are often thanked by Judges for our realistic and thorough submissions which afford the respondent and panel time to think about the issues relevant to your specific case and allow the DWP a chance to overturn the decision in advance of the hearing or the Panel and/ or the DWP Presenting Officer, who is likely to be in attendance at the hearing, the opportunity to consider awarding points after asking fewer and more relevant questions during the hearing.


It’s important to remember that we will always correspond with you by email after the initial phone call, until we receive the date for the hearing. This is one of the ways in which we keep our fees so low.

Once we have a date for the appeal, your Legal Advocate will prepare you extensively over the telephone for the hearing and will be with you via phone or video link to make any oral submissions or legal arguments from matters that may arise when you are questioned by the panel.  Once the decision is made, we will provide advice on the tribunal’s decision.  There are no extra or hidden fees for this.