Personal Independence Payment is the replacement for Disability Living Allowance and is paid to those of working age. It is not a means tested benefit, meaning that people both in and out of work can claim it. There are two components of PIP and both can be awarded on a standard or enhanced basis.

PIP is then renewed on an ongoing basis. The DWP will send out renewal forms and it is not unusual for a claimant to lose their award on renewal.

PIP is assessed using very different criteria from DLA and due to this many claimants are finding that they are losing their mobility cars on the switch over. If either of the above has happened to you at any time in the last 13 months, or you simply require help with the process, forms, and claims or at your assessment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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ESA is the out-of-work benefit for people who are too unwell to work. Again, it is paid at different rates, some of which have now been included in the new Universal Credit benefit.

If you have been found fit for work or work related activity in the last 13 months and you do not agree with the decision – either at initial assessment or reassessment – or you require help and support with your claim, forms or support at an assessment, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Universal Credit is a new benefit which replaces income-based ESA, income-based jobseekers allowance, housing benefit, income support, child tax credits and working tax credits. It’s paid monthly and is supposed to ease any transitions into and out of work for claimants. It will not affect an award of DLA or PIP. Similarly to ESA, if you are disabled you will be sent a form to fill in and asked to attend an assessment. We can help with a claim for UC at any step of the way. Please contact us by clicking here if we can help.

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